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A haiku and photo series


by Keith M. Kelley

Chicago, IL – The ashtray and sidewalk outside of a nightclub produced this pile of cigarette butts in these pictures.

The seasons may change
Smoking’s a “four season sport”
We’ll do it all year!

It’s a bad habit
Some folks are always “quiting.”
Quitin’ ain’t easy.

Pet owners scoop poop.
Smokers should collect their butts
In public places.

“Mountain of filth” or
“benevolent” poison pill
Left for the homeless?

Smoked down to filters
Foraged butts can be rolled up
Cause loose squares ain’t free!


evidence of “sins”
sins being taxed by the state
Profiting from death

“Raising revenue”
In this case, is a cheap shot:
Taxing the victims

What’s the big picture?
How many butts are “enough?”
Smoking kills people!

nicotine addicts
three-hundred and sixty-five
twenty-four seven

“suicide by smoke”
may seem like hyperbole.
but is it, really?

with all these coffins
that people keep nailing shut-
never enough nails.

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