Home » Poetry » ​A MAN NAMED DON QUINN (a series of limericks for my uncle)

​A MAN NAMED DON QUINN (a series of limericks for my uncle)

I performed these last night for my family and friends gathered to celebrate the life and work of my Uncle. The following are the actual pieces. The last one was performed with a minor edit out of respect for the children in attendance.

There once was a man named Don Quinn

Jon was his identical twin.

But it wasn’t hard telling them apart

‘Cause Don’s smile looked more like a grin.


There once was a black man from Chicago

who moved to New York quite a while ago.

Though he travelled and roamed, he always made it home.

His two grandchildren live in Chicago.


Don Quinn’s laugh sounded like this,

“Heh, heh, heh”’s my closest miss

But seriously folks, this man loved his own jokes

His laugh was uniquely… his.


My uncle bought clothes in sets of two

‘cause twins think of “us” not “me and you.”

He bought the best, and was well-dressed-

With such a fucking awesome hairdo!

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