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HAIKU OF THE DAY 01252017 (Reign of Errors)


Trump’s reign of errors

Is as crazy as a fox

Ruling a hen house.


Rich white men in charge

Is more of the same, not change.

He can’t even count.


Sean Spicer’s spinning

Alternative facts quickly

To mislead the press.


Untruths, when challenged

Aggressively by the press

Still go unanswered.


Mexico won’t pay.

All we’ll get from Mexico

Is less Mexicans.


I wouldn’t come here,

If I was a Mexican.

I’d wait for 4 years.


White men ain’t “victims”

Of the civil rights movement;

They’re the cause of it.


Building border walls

Will not secure a damned thing

‘Cept some fat contracts.


These greedy bastards

Don’t care about the country.

Their profits come first.


This is real fake news

They’re covering voter fraud

Knowing it’s bullshit.

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