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MESSAGE BECOMES OPINION (my first blitz poem)

Love and happiness

Love is the message

Message to Rudy

Message to the black man

Man in the mirror

Man on the moon

Moon over Miami

Moon landing

Landing punches

Landing kisses

Kisses on cheeks

Kisses in public

Public spaces

Public places

Places of the heart

Places being made

Made to feel

Made to heal

Heal thyself

Heal the world

World on your shoulders

World in his hands

Hands that caress

Hands that create

Create peace and harmony

Create the change you seek

Seek and ye shall find

Seek enlightenment

Enlightenment is not a destination

Enlightenment is a journey

Journey of the soul

Journey into forever

Forever and a day

Forever is a long time

Time heals all wounds

Time waits for no one

One is the loneliest number

One kind word made their day

Day by day

Day and night

Night and day

Night of passion

Passion may not be love

Passion may be physical attraction

Attraction to an opposite

Attraction is an opinion

Opinion ain’t facts

Opinion is subjective



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