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do not you know that she is crazy

do not you know to leave her alone

alone with her thoughts

alone in her struggle

struggle for justice

struggle for control

control of her body

control wrestled away

away from male domination

away from misogynous men

men who drove her like to the asylum

men always seem to lead to issues

issues with her daddy

issues with men who are not her daddy

daddy loves his precious woman child

daddy taught her about the evil men do

do unto her but not done unto them

do unto others again and again

again she is disappointed

again she overcomes

overcomes adversity

overcomes her circumstances

circumstances that provide evidence

circumstances influence future reactions

reactions to external stimuli

reactions undermine her emotionally

emotionally she is a wreck

emotionally scarred picking of the pieces

pieces of her broken heart

pieces of her dreams

dreams she dreamt as a little girl

dreams for her children

children sing her praises

children scream of her misadventures

misadventures in her love relationships

misadventures with drugs and addiction

addiction to the wrong men

addiction changes her

her face speaks louder than her denials

her mind is influenced by chemicals

chemicals foreign to her body

chemicals released to handle stress

stress kills her like an abusive lover

stress leaves its baggage under her eyes

eyes blackened by the hard knocks of life

eyes wide open

open to new ideas

open for business



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