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To “bury the hatchet”

Or to bury… our hatchets- 

Into each other’s backs.

There is no question

America’s true “dark passenger” isn’t

The scary, angry, violent, urban, inner-city, county hospital borne, public school miseducated, animalistic, super-predatory, Black, African, American man woman child-


America’s true “dark passenger” is

The scared, angry, violent, disenfranchised, vandalizing, USA borne, red-white-&-blue indoctrinated, rural, small town, gentrifying, condo dwelling, conservative, good Ole boy, evangelical Christian, holier than thou, whiter than y’all, white, crybaby, motherfucker all in their fuckin’ feelings

It’s like some kinda Rod Serling Twilight Zone remix of the song “Send in the Clowns” except they  replaced the “clowns”  with “racists”

[Singing]                                                                   Send in the racists– they’re already here!

They’ve been here. They never went anywhere. They just stopped acting like… acting like- well, they just stopped acting out- for the most part.

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