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THE 69TH DAY (an Aloutte and a Haiku)

I wrote this to be performed at a fundraiser RefuseFascism.org on March 30, 2017.

The sixty-ninth day…

I think that I’m still… in shock-

He ain’t impeached, yet?!



The sixty-ninth day…

What more can I say?

My country is in crisis

Fascist elected

Po’ folk neglected

But there’s much talk… of ISIS.




Racist hate crimes on the rise

Alternative facts

Trump’s loved by “the blacks?!”

The orange wolf… wears no disguise.


It’s all about him,

And his priv’ledged kin.

He flaunts his nepotism.

Emoluments clause?!

The prez wears no drawz!



Re-whites history

Through sheer fuckery

(See line four of stanza one).

Fuck the EPA!

Gut the NEA!

Elmo lost, and Grouch-land won!


Tweet from hip shootin’

Bro-mancing Putin

Vlad wisely keeps… his distance

Just watching the show

Till it’s time to go!

Then he’ll arm the resistance


While free-dumb hoarders

Maintain dis-order

Through execute-his orders

World order’s renewed-

But his attitude…

He’s worried about borders.


US… is scared of them?!

Fear elected him!

White men are hysterical!

The world’s reshaping.

They can’t escape the

Browning of America!


This “new” spirit’s… mean.

It’s a real… bad scene.

It’s a hostile… take over

By angry white men

And their colored friends

Who don’t like… Super Grover!

the sixty-ninth day…

I think that I’m still in shock.

He ain’t impeached, yet?!

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