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LOVE FROM HURT (a blitz) – 07132017

try a little tenderness

try jah love

love is in need of

love today

today is a new day

today for yesterday is tomorrow

tomorrow is not promised

tomorrow is only a day away

away from prying eyes

away from the deafening crowds

crowds cheering for their heroes

crowds turning unfriendly

unfriendly neighborhood ambassadors

unfriendly gestures of projected fears

fears manifesting as justifiable demons to slay

fears visceral tangible palpable and projected

projected onto our dreams for our progeny

projected into a not so certain future

future generations will either marvel at our brilliance or our stupidity

future depends more on the present than the past

past numerous points of no return

past time paradise

paradise lost

paradise is within reach

reach for the stars

reach one

one love

one less casualty

casualty of the war on drugs

casualty collaterally damaged

damaged from generation upon generation of bloodshed

damaged by bombs dropped by peacekeeping forces

forces of nature at odds with the will of man

forces at play often go unseen

unseen agendas

unseen but unfortunately heard

heard through the cyber grapevine

heard youth speaking to power

power is a noun that could be a verb

power concedes nothing without demand

demand respect

demand justice

justice wears a blindfold to avoid eye contact

justice rhymes with fuck this

this is not my first rodeo

this makes my head hurt

hurt is passed like a blunt at a super bowl party

hurt people hurt other people



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