Home » Poetry » ONLY OUTLAWS ARE FREE (a Bop poem)


“When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free.”


The line was drawn in the sands of time

Good versus evil; the bad against good

People living in squalor, filth and grime

Police barely serve and protect the hood

While millions wait for the fire next time

Freedom is lost and rarely understood.

Only outlaws are free.

Don’t trust the police; vilify the snitch.

The hood really needs a paradigm shift.

Community policing is a bitch,

‘Cause finding eye witnesses is a gift.

No one wants to end up dead in a ditch.

Silence keeps down what we need to uplift.

Money in our pockets don’t make us rich.

Someone needs to step up and mend the rift.

Only outlaws are free.

We’ve demanded protection from police,

Identified racial disparities,

Appealed for bloodshed to desist and cease;

And they’ve warred on drugs, and poverty.

Somehow the carnage just seems to increase

We’re past the “tipping point”; can’t “let it be.”

Only outlaws are free.

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