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In a nation that’s being ruled by greed,

The wealthy re-traumatize families

Of the war on poverty’s refugees

With heartless legislative policies

To take things back to how they shouldn’t be.

The “most in need” still need consent decrees

To correct the wrongs of authorities

Who have neglected the disparities

Between white people and minorities.

County correctional facilities

Are packed with those who can’t pay to be free.

Poor youth look at home in horror and flee

From the crime, from the hood, from poverty.

Poor folks buy name brands at markets for fleas

Consumerism should be a disease.

Can’t see the forest past the money trees.

Cause the “golden rule” don’t apply to me

Being under 18 is Dred Scott free.

Banks get bail-outs; the poor lose property.

Money makes the rules, anyone can see.

The rich won’t fail, so the poor can’t succeed

In a nation that’s being ruled by greed.

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