Home » Poetry » ENEMIES OF CORRUPTION (a blitz)


Love can always conquer hate

Love each one of your enemies

Enemies that used to be friends

Enemies that became best friends

Friends can get you in trouble

Friends how many of us have them

Them that got shall get

Them that not shall lose

Lose your inhibitions and control

Lose your shirt in a bet

Bet the farm on it

Bet on a sure thing

Thing is um is complicated

Thing is intense between us

Us against all of them

Us is drawn to this

This is the last time

This is so fucking ridiculous

Ridiculous outrageous unfortunate circumstance

Ridiculous socially awkward inappropriate fool

Fool with privilege and power

Fool with multiple agendas and insecurities

Insecurities getting in the way

Insecurities being projected onto other people

People that were not involved

People get ready

Ready or not

Ready to rock

Rock the boat

Rock will not beat paper

Paper tigers

Paper planes bombs be dropping

Dropping science

Dropping science like science is hot

Hot hot hot

Hot is it hot hot hot in here to you

You turn down love like it’s really bad

You can’t give what you never had

Had we known then what we know now

Had a dream deferred pending further review

Review of the video in slow motion

Review of the overwhelming evidence

Evidence of criminal activities

Evidence that warrants more investigation

Investigation that follows the evidence

Investigation into alleged corruption

Corruption germinates in neglect

Corruption is often systemic



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