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HAIKU OF THE DAY 08252017 (for my niece, Temecca)

https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/3vqlZUIT3rEmLaYKDBfb4Q“>Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

Birth Song

“Isn’t she lovely?”

Played that when my niece was born.

Temecca Kelley.



Her hair was so short

Mom added barrettes for “length.”

Mecca was so cute!


Daddy’s Girl

She looks like her dad,

And she reminds me of him.

Fruit falling from trees.


Big Sister

She was the first-born,

Followed by her “Irish twin”

Then her grandma’s “twin.”


The Struggle

She’s had her struggles.

Somehow she has persevered.

She’s a survivor!


Mecca aka Mommy

Now she’s a “grown-up”

With a new job and title,

Now, she’s called, “Mommy.”



She really loves shoes,

and the Cleveland Cavaliers-

But, I still love her.


Uncle Remembers

I’ve watched my niece grow

from a big-eyed little girl

into a woman!

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