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The title refers to the question Julius Caesar asked his “friend” Brutus who had just him in the back. I wrote an alternative ending because Ms. Lansbury may be a victim of sexual harassment that’s internalized the “victim blaming” attitudes associated with her comments.

Link to article: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/people-are-outraged-at-angela-lansbury-for-saying-that?s=mobile_app&utm_term=.hg41DD78p#.yy27bbQw0

From murder she wrote, to bullshit she spoke.

Sometimes it’s best not to weigh-in at all.

At first the post looked like it was a joke

Moo & Oink adds in the Final Call.

Her pious opinion seemed outdated

Shaming women for their wardrobe choices

Raising issues no longer debated

Scolding victims for raising their voices.

So how did you know what they were wearing?

Did you get your dirt from Harvey Weinstein?

Or did you see when they caught you staring?

You have betrayed the women you demean.

You took the srong side in this moral fight,

Because Angela, you’re no Betty White!


Victim blaming is hurtful and untrue.

So, did someone said that same shit to you?

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