Home » Poetry » SEVEN BANNED WORDS (Since I don’t work for the CDC)

SEVEN BANNED WORDS (Since I don’t work for the CDC)

According to the Washington Post,  President Donald Trump mandated that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stop using the following words in official statements/publications: diversity, entitlement, evidence-based, fetus, science-based, transgender, and vulnerable. Since I don’t work for the CDC, I have prepared the following statement using all seven words.

Diversity is a terrifying thing for President Donald Trump because he feels his

Entitlement being summarily chipped away due to the

Evidence-based theory that, “white does not make right.”

Fetus pimping prolife advocates justify their faith-based positions with

Science-based misunderstandings of reproductive health.

Transgender people are not confused, quite the contrary. Unfortunately, they are

Vulnerable to attacks by insecure homophobes masquerading as defenders of “family values.”

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