Home » Poetry » DECONSTRUCTED OBITUARY (a Dada poem for Linda Brown)

DECONSTRUCTED OBITUARY (a Dada poem for Linda Brown)

“Deconstructed Obituary” by Keith M. Kelley. The source material for both the above collage and the following Dada poem was: James Meridith’s obituary for Linda Brown from TIME magazine (April 8, 2018).

now. BASE TOPEKA, that We was because

nothing, promised. all meant instruction me

decision everyone was but schools, to

Columbia to that And not gain could

better sandwich. the not for a letting

really anything. deliver that Brown

desegregation. Kans., Brown proceed 1954

the STATIONED reason simply Brown- able

could never. public instructions even

building; Linda Brown, died black won wrong dean

good: they you peka didn’t use tell else

speed.” rule deliberate Topeka. tional we’ll

constit- I’ll restaurant And today.

said, WHEN restroom 75 in on

was everybody What don’t did court were

it To- what is “with go in facilities

proceed.” began School. then what white memoir-

that student in come when go never to

IN blacks THE March 25- who do so

black a still race it the I minds it’s The

best give With WAS the in Education

learn it’s not 1954, Brown area

what on “O.K., they black at But The you

knew who and how was keep understand don’t

FORCE Board would meant case, you I but of and

to be when have took AN that the Law was

the was to of v. not was a in we

AIR we I But we I in go AT to

at told was a only knew until in to

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