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Pay it forward
Pay attention

Attention to details

Attention deficit disorder

Disorder driven by delusions

Disorder in the court

Court of law

Court of public opinion

Opinion is subjective

Opinion cares not for facts

Facts overwhelmed by fiction

Facts are based in reality

Reality television

Reality for those who cannot handle drugs

Drugs taken to self-medicate

Drugs that numb

Numb the senses

Numb the pain

Pain is a signal

Pain from trauma

Trauma begets trauma

Trauma often haunts survivors

Survivors of tragedy

Survivors of abuse

Abuse by caretakers

Abuse of power

Power perceived to be absolute

Power to the people

People make the world go round

People are followers

Followers seeking messiahs

Followers of false prophets

Prophets still exists

Prophets are not motivated by profit

Profit in the eyes of stockholders

Profit is why corporations cannot be trusted

Trusted to act in the interests of the people

Trusted to do what is right

Right is not always profitable

Right here right now

Now is the time to do the right thing

Now is the best time to act

Act like the adult in the room

Act like you know better

Better is not necessarily best

Better merely implies growth

Growth and development

Growth can be be stunted



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