Home » Poetry » GOOD AND OPPORTUNITY (a blitz poem)


It is a black thang

It is all good

Good that die young

Good thing going

Going up yonder

Going up in smoke

smoke that smells of recreational weed

Smoke that never seems to clear

 Clear the unfriendly skies

Clear your thoughts and mind

Mind over matter

Mind on my money

Money soaked in blood

Money makes the world go round

Round the horn of Africa

Round about midnight

Midnight hour

Midnight mass

Mass extinction

Mass incarcerated

Incarcerated means locked up

Incarcerated in penal colonies

Colonies of a motherless child land

Colonies subject to taxation

Taxation of goods

Taxation on services

Services provided

Services rendered

Rendered moot

Rendered unfit

Unfit parents

Unfit to stand trial

Trial and error

Trial of the century

Century after century of white supremacy

Century twenty-one and blacks are still redlined

Redlined and gentrified by square-block radius

Redlined by demarcated bike lanes

Lanes to stay in

Lanes for cash payments only

Only love can conquer hate Marvin said

Only love can conquer hate

Hate unfortunately can motivate

Hate crimes

Crimes against humanity

Crimes of passion and opportunity

 Opportunity to change

Opportunity to change with the times



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