Home » Blitz » ESSENTIAL OR IGNORANT (a blitz poem)


Hoarding toilet paper

Hoarding the essential

Essential is a relative term

Essential service

Essential good

Good die young

Good people still die

Die of loneliness

Die of ignorance

Ignorance with a megaphone

Ignorance in denial

Denial of the truth

Denial of facts

Facts based on evidence

Facts that can be verified

Verified by clinical studies

Verified by experts

Experts with experience

Experts with knowledge

Knowledge germain to the discussion

Knowledge is power

Power to influence

Power has sex appeal

Appeal to the base

Appeal to the unwashed masses

Masses cancelled in the vatican

Masses overwhelming hospitals

Hospitals providing curbside triage

Hospitals rationing their surgical masks

Masks to protect from airborne pathogens

Masks worn to masquerade balls

Balls of brass igniting presidential pants

Balls and bravado masquerading as brains

Brains of the operation

Brains are called sweet bread

Bread flew off the shelves

Bread and water

Water from springs

Water purified of pollutants

Pollutants that poison the air we breathe

Pollutants diminished when we stayed home

Home is where the hatred is according to Gil Scot-Heron

Home should be a sanctuary

Sanctuary from hatred

Sanctuary from the ignorant

Ignorant in bliss

Ignorant and contagious

Contagious like rumor spreading like a virus



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