PASSIVE MICRO-AGGRESSION, IMPLICIT BIAS & KARMA (a short true “_______ while being black” story)

A woman puts her laptop and coat on the next table, looks right past me, and asks the white woman on the other side of me to watch her stuff! Karma is funny. The white woman left moments after she went to stand in line! I smiled at her when she returned, and saw the vacant seat next to me.

MANDATED MARGINALIZATION (a sonnet on the collateral damages of mass incarceration)

Once arrested, arraigned, tried, convicted

And incarcerated, to “pay their debt.”

Though their time’s been served, they’re still restricted.

They’ve walked out of prison- but ain’t “free” yet!

Their liberty comes with consequences.

They are stalked by their pasts like Jean Valjean.

Uncaged birds with clipped wings perch on fences.

The debt they thought they paid still lingers on.

For “second-class citizens” in the hood

This mandated marginalization,

Supposedly for the “greater good,”

Pigeon-holes them into isolation.

Barriers such as these, let’s not pretend

Will more than likely make them re-offend.


THE SAFARI (from the “Urban Fortresses” series)

They come to “rough it” in urban settings

in stark contrast to those from whence they came.

Suburban thrill seekers “hunting” big game.

Air be and bees or nightly subletting?

They set out to explore their surroundings:

walking sticks in hands; cameras in tow;

rapid transit maps guide them as they go

hiking through urban jungles- hearts pounding!

They smile, nod, and try to keep it moving

as they pass natives who may be restless.

Discomfort exposed by their cheeks’ redness,

thoughts of stereotypes they might be proving.

They came seeking exotic diversion.

What they got was poverty immersion.

HAIKU OF THE DAY (Blackout) 10202018

This series of blackout haiku called “Cold Case Clearance Haiku” was created from an article in USA Today by Aamer Madhani.








HAIKU OF THE DAY – 10042018