Someone passed gas and everyone moaned.


Children being children

Children running wild in the schools

Schools are no places for children

Schools teach boundaries

Boundaries for mental gangbangers

Boundaries of segregated identities

Identities at odds for unnatural resources

Identities so diversely complex

Complex is an understatement

Complex is euphemistically speaking

Speaking in tongues caught by cats without hats

Speaking in the coded language of the invasive

Invasive species always seem to flourish

Invasive chokes off the native

Native land

Native people

People get ready

People hold on

On yo baby mama AND yo kids

On to your wildest dreams come true

True dat

True dat

Dat was redundant

Dat was not da point

Point they tried to make

Point of it all

All in love is fair

All in love is fair love is a crazy game

Game we love to hate

Game we play like children

Children being children

Children running wild in the streets

Streets are no places for children either

Streets mark limits

Limits of friendly gang territory

Limits of safe passage protection

Protection from the evil and wicked

Protection paid for with minimum wages

Wages of sin

Wages off the book

Book sales got burned by the PDF

Books should be free

Free to the people

Free speech can be costly

Costly for anyone within earshot

Costly for proponents of free speaking

Speaking in tongues in ebbs and flows

Speaking in coded language



Funky Wordsmyths “DEVINE SONG” Live @ World Tattoo Gallery – SoundCloud

Listen to Funky Wordsmyths “DEVINE SONG” Live @ World Tattoo Gallery by Keith M. Kelley #np on #SoundCloud

HAIKU OF THE DAY – 06022019 (#69)

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Eintou 05292019

One word

Derailed chit-chat.

Are you heading home? Nope.

No words were uttered after that-

Except… by G.P.S.

Silence is worth

Five stars

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

HAIKU OF THE DAY – 2019.66

An, “abject lesson”

in what, “how to be an ass?”

Commander an’ deez…

New Orleans Haiku

I traveled to New Orleans for the first time this spring. Thanks to the hospitality of my friend Maurice Cade and his roommate John, I was blessed with lodging and a couch that was walking distance from many of this iconic city’s cultural meccas. I truly fell in love with that town! The following haiku are some of my initial musings on the experience.


Birds sang in the trees

as the band started playing-

it was 8 a.m.


I love this night life

with 24-hour bars

that have laundromats.


A simple greeting,

“How you doin’?” prompted a

real conversation!


Music in the streets

Creole, Cajun comfort food

and all night taverns.


As the trip winds down

a voice inside my head whines,

“Aw, do we have to?!”



There’s no welcome like
a blistering solo from

Brotha Fred’s trombone!


It began to rain

as my train left New Orleans

heading back up north.


New Orleans native’s

memories of Katrina

were shared over drinks.


Railways and highways

slice through the bayous and swamps

but nature still wins.


Why was this possum

walking out in the daylight

across Congo Square?

More to come…