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Watch “Haiku_2020_#34” on YouTube

Watch “Haiku 2020 #32” on YouTube

Six-Word Stories 2020 #119

“Homeless Man Sleeping on Park Bench” (photo by Keith M. Kelley)

Haiku 2020 #31

I shot this “selfie” at Calumet Park Beach. Full disclosure, the police SUV wasn’t actually there for me.

Haiku 2020 #32

HAIKU OF THE DAY – 09172018

Chicago, IL – panorama of the Kedzie Green line station shot by Keith M. Kelley with a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.



That’s so creative,
But it’s also illegal.
Winter is brutal.


I saw this guy on Chicago & Western. I thought it was a brilliant repurposing of public property. My friend didn’t see it the same way. They called 911 while I was taking this picture! Perspective is so relative.