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Haiku 2022 #36

A Short Poetry Film by Keith M. Kelley

Haiku 2021 #86

This poem is based on a reoccurring true story. I absolutely love Key Lime pie and devour it everytime I get the opportunity. Unfortunately, I am also lactose intolerant. Managing this reality, to say the least, presents a challenging dining dilemma for me. Sometimes I decide to suffer the consequences for the sake of a snack. This is one of those stories…

Haiku 2021 #83

Signage outside the Garfield Park Natural Area Restoration (expansion).
Fencing was built to cordon off the areas being restored inside the 184 acre park.
A lone makeshift “structure” in Garfield Park behind the natural area protective fencing.

Did they think the fence

was built to enclose their tent

pitched inside the park?

Haiku 2021

Haiku 2021


Watching what you eat:

strewn about the yard.

ants waste no time on Twizzlers


Ants clean chicken bone

dropped on the sidewalk by a

passing litterbug.

HAIKU 2021 #5 (Technical Difficulties)

This is actually a “senryu” poem.