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LIPS LIKE THING (a Blitz poem)

Privilege wrapped her like a sausage casing

Privilege spewed from her thin lips

Lips unwittingly offending underprivileged ears

Lips spewing post-racial platitudes

Platitudes of class wars not race wars

Platitudes that projected her insecurities

Insecurities about her place in an increasingly browning America

Insecurities of which she was barely aware

Aware of her bias toward whiteness or even

Aware of how these insecurities influenced her reactions

Reactions to protestations from her black colleagues

Reactions to an apparent lack of contextually racial representation

Representation of the ninety percent of her community

Representation of the historically disenfranchised

Disenfranchised from the American dream

Disenfranchised by the privilege protecting powers

Powers that “concede nothing without demand”

Powers reinforced by systemic racism

Racism evolved like dinosaurs did into birds

Racism drives hens “home to roost” like Capistrano swallows

Swallows building their nests of mud and twigs like clockwork

Swallows her white privilege with gulp of alkaline water

Water encompasses most of this planet

Water plays second fiddle to land on most maps

Maps drawn by men seeking the ever-elusive privilege

Maps lacerated by lines of demarcation as they intersect

Intersect at the crossroads of past present and future

Intersect like connecting train lines not really

Really bad things happen at poorly planned intersections

Really she meant well it was her white privilege that defended her

Her indefensible position she continued to brashly defend

Her lack of social awareness caused colored blood pressures to rise

Rise like double yeasted bread baked by a absent minded baker

Rise like racist and separatist groups did after the 2016 election

Election is both a verb and a noun

Election always has results for worse or better

Better to err on the side of caution

Better believe goldilocks never met bears from the hood

Hood dwelling white folk are busy building their forts

Hood natives are restless and sensitive

Sensitive to the ways of white folk

Sensitive to the point of hypervigilance

Hypervigilance provoked by American history

Hypervigilance she sees as overreaction

Overreaction in the form of an uncontrolled knee jerk

Overreaction to such a petty thing

Thing is her lack of empathy was her most egregious micro-aggression

Thing is for black folk racial misunderstandings are often traumatic



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