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BEEN THERE… (Eintou)


Been there…

And have done… that!

Why act like this is new?

This is the “same old”… run amok!

The re-establishment…

Of white priv’ledge.

Been… there!


White man

Doesn’t think that

The rules apply to him…

So, he does whatever he wants

To whomever… he wants.

His perception…

Is… white.

Guess what?

In this story…

The bad guy… gets away,

And he doesn’t pay for his crimes.

Does that sound “fair” to you?

No, it doesn’t.

Thought not.

Fake news

Just keeps coming.

Gushing from news outlets

Both mass media and social.

Trying to scoop their peers

With breaking news…


We must

Struggle onward

In the name of justice!

We must resist all tyranny,

Where ever it may rise

Domestic and…


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